Exploring Soho Restaurants, Entertainment, Sights and More!

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There’s so much to do in Soho, one of London’s most energetic and culturally diverse areas. Known for the Soho restaurants, theatres, clubs and history, this area has more than its fair share of top-tier places to go during your visit. As one of the best restaurants in Soho, Cinquecento Pizzeria has put together this blog post to introduce you to the newest addition to our Italian restaurant family with our new venue in Soho. 

About Soho, London

After opening four successful Italian restaurants in London, we decided it was about time to delight the streets of Soho with our fifth Cinquecento Pizzeria restaurant on 6 Greek Street. And we are so excited to be opening our doors and serving even more slices of our spectacular authentic Neopolitan pizza in Soho as this neighbourhood is teaming with rich history, multicultural nature and vibrant atmosphere. 

Alongside the newest addition to the Cinquecento Pizzeria family, Soho is also home to many musical theatres shows as part of the West End and food, culture and music festivals and events. So with all of these sights and shows to see, people are looking for cool places to eat in Soho. 

Restaurants in Soho

When it comes to restaurants Soho has one of the best selections of all the London boroughs. Eating in Soho couldn’t be more fun as Soho brings together innovating new selections and old-time classics, offering places to eat in Soho for any occasion, from casual eateries to upscale dining establishments, sandwiching new trending products brought in from overseas as seen on social media with the staples from just across the channel. Soho has it all, from Italian to British to Asian and American cuisine to suit your mood and preferences. However, for the best restaurant in Soho, look no further than Cinquecento Pizzeria

Why is Pizzeria 500 top-notch? Well, apart from the resounding success of our other four Italian restaurants in central London that have served well over 1.5 million pizzas to date, take a look at our previous blog post entry ‘How we Know, we are one of the Top Italian Restaurants London has to Offer’, to see just what all the fuss is about. 

What to do in Soho

If you are stopping by our pizzeria in Soho, there is plenty to do before or after your visit, including:

  • Art galleries such as the Photographer’s Gallery with six storeys to wander through to digest your pizza or work up an appetite. 
  • Many Harry Potter and wizarding world venues, such as House of Minalima. 
  • Browse the shelves at one of London’s best bookstores, Foyles. 
  • Wander around seven dials and take in the sights of the surrounding area to Soho. 
  • Take a shopping tour down Oxford Street. 
  • Enjoy some outdoor space in Soho Square. 
  • Entertainment options from the Apollo Theatre to hidden comedy clubs and live music venues. 
  • Nightlife options, including hotspots such as Phonica Records.
  • And finally, not forgetting the Soho dining scene where you can find countless restaurants, tapas bars, pubs, cafés and more on the streets of Soho, including the newest addition to the Cinquecento Pizzeria family on 6 Greek Street. 

History of Soho 

Soho’s history goes back centuries, and many Italians and restaurant owners were in the area before our pizzeria took up its new roots in Soho. 

  • Starting in the 17th century, this became one of the most fashionable areas for the wealthy aristocracy of England. 
  • In the 18th century, the area developed from a picturesque place to live to a place with shops and trade and saw a boom in industry in the form of small factories. Soon the area was also some to immigrants from the continent, including Italians, who brought the early diversity to Soho. 
  • By the 19th century, this area was one of the busiest in the city and soon became a hub for entertainment. This attracted more of an alternative crowd and drew in more artists and status-quo challengers. 
  • In the more recent history of the 20th century, Soho became an area that was diverse and tolerable of different people, unlike the wider communities. Therefore, Soho was home to many communities, such as the LGBTQ+ community. 
  • After the war, which ended in 1945, Soho went under radical change, and soon it was teaming with a host of businesses and venues, including countless restaurants and bars and other creative places. 
  • Now, Soho is still home to many people and is the address of some of the Soho restaurants you know and love. We are so excited to enter this area and serve our Italian food in the hub of such an interesting, historic and culturally developed area of the city. 

Celebrated Area by Many Londoners

Although Soho is often called the heart of London, this area is also the dancing feet of the city, with a vibrant atmosphere and a hub for celebrities, food enthusiasts and bubbling with life. In fact, just last week, one of our team spotted the 9th Dr Who (Christopher Eccleston) in a pub just a few doors down from our new pizzeria! Therefore, Soho is undoubtedly the place to be. 

So-ho Now You’re in Love With this Part of London! 

The mix of theatres, festivals, businesses, and cool restaurants in Soho makes this one of the best areas in the city for dining out. Therefore, we take our position in Soho very seriously, and we are proud to be a part of Soho’s diverse culinary and cultural offerings. 

Now you know what to do in this area and where to eat in Soho next time you’re in London (hopefully this saves you from a lengthy Google of the Top restaurants in Soho London while your belly aches for a delicious Italian dinner).