How Our London Pizza Restaurant Transports You Straight to Naples

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At Cinquecento pizzeria, we pride ourselves on serving up delicious home-cooked meals just like Nona used to make. We aim to deliver the authentic Neapolitan pizza experience in London through our ingredients, traditional cooking methods and cosy interiors.

We want to know, is it possible to experience Naples simply through the taste of our pizza?

Let’s find out with this blog.

The Heart of Naples in the Heart of London

Neapolitan pizza has been around since the creation of the Margherita pizza in the 18th century in Naples. Since then, Neapolitan pizza has become an important part of Italian heritage, eaten at parties and family gatherings nationally.

Authentic Ingredients

One of the crucial ways in which a pizza can be certified as Neapolitan is its ingredients.

The main ingredients of a classic Neapolitan pizza include specific types of flour, such as 00 flour, san Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala.

It is important that all ingredients are of high quality in order for a Neapolitan pizza to be considered authentic, and ingredients should usually be sourced from Naples or around the region too to preserve authenticity.

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Traditional Techniques Meet Modern Kitchens

When exploring the culinary artistry behind the pizzas at our restaurant, it’s essential to delve into the traditional techniques and specialised equipment that contribute to the authentic Neapolitan experience offered to our diners.

At the heart of our pizza-making process is the oven, a cornerstone in traditional Neapolitan pizza preparation. This oven is not just any cooking appliance; it’s an emblem of centuries-old tradition brought directly from Naples. The high temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius, achievable only in these specially designed ovens, allow for a pizza to be cooked in just 90 seconds.

This quick cooking process is pivotal as it lends the signature charred, yet soft crust with a unique smokey flavour that Neapolitan pizza is renowned for.

The dough, another critical element, is handcrafted with precision following age-old methods. Only type 00 flour, known for its finer grind and high elasticity, is used, ensuring the dough achieves the perfect texture.

This is then combined with natural yeast, water, and a touch of salt, then kneaded by hand or with a low-speed mixer to maintain the integrity of the gluten structure, which is essential for achieving the light, airy crust Neapolitan pizzas are famous for.

Turning to the expertise behind these culinary creations, our chefs are not just skilled artisans; they are storytellers and custodians of Neapolitan pizza tradition.

Each chef has undergone extensive training in Naples under the tutelage of master pizzaiolos. This training encompasses more than just the technical skills required to make pizza; it involves a deep immersion into the cultural and historical significance of these methods, ingraining a respect and passion for the craft that transcends typical culinary practices.

Atmosphere and Ambience

Characteristics of the Neapolitan interior design include ornate and elegant furniture and decoration.

At Cinquecento, we aim to evoke Naples through our elegant, eclectic concoction of art, furniture and wallpapers to set the scene for the perfect Neapolitan pizza experience.

The Menu

Many of our dishes emulate that of Neapolitan fare.

For example, our classic pizza Margherita and Polpettine pay homage to the history and culture of Naples, Italy.

Both of these dishes use DOP certified tomato sauce which ensures our ingredients are authentic enough to deem the dishes Neapolitan specials.

From Our Guests

Guests have taken to social media to let the world know just how deliciously authentic our pizza is, with one guest (@live.enjoylondon) stating, “cinquecento pizzeria is the right place for you if you fancy a traditional meal as if you were in Naples.”


Neapolitan authenticity is near and dear to our hearts and cinquecento, which is why we are so glad to share it with you through our delicious food and traditional dining experiences.

Come and experience a breath of Naples at cinquecento now!