Finding the Best Chelsea Restaurants to Head Over to Now

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From pubs with a buzz to niche restaurants serving weird yet wonderful food from around the world, the food in Chelsea is some of the best in town. And among these top-tier Chelsea restaurants is Cinquecento Pizzeria, one of the best places to eat in Chelsea. This blog post will discuss what you can expect if you dine with us at one of our branches in the centre of London. 

Are You Looking for Places to Eat Dinner in Chelsea?

Chelsea and Kensington are some of the most thriving areas of the divine city of London; therefore, you won’t struggle to find cool restaurants in Chelsea and Kensington, West London. As you wander around these highly cared-for streets through the rows of fashion stores, cute coffee spots and townhouses with grand porchways and balconies, you will also find no shortage of places to enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner. 

However, as an affluent area, many of the top recommended restaurants are for people with their money burning a hole in their pocket that may be out of budget for the majority of the residents of London. Or these ultra high-end ‘posh’ restaurants may just not fit the bill for a cool restaurant where you can enjoy an atmospheric evening complete with delicious food and refreshing wine or beer options. 

Fortunately, you have stumbled across this blog post which can direct you to the incredible restaurants by Cinquecento Pizzeria. As one of the top Chelsea restaurants that not only provides some of the best Italian food outside of Italy, we also offer an affordable menu without compromising on the high level of service or the quality of our fresh ingredients. 

Choose Cinquecento Pizzeria Because…

  • Great food: as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, we know that we would be nothing without our scrumptious menu. Our star item on the menu is, unsurprisingly, the Neopolitan pizza which is still made with our Italian Nonna’s family recipe to achieve the perfect thin and crispy crust that is so adored by Neapolitan pizza fanatics. However, we also offer delicious pasta, salad, and other meat options if you wish to try something new from our Italian menu. Plus, we never like to leave the vegans out, so we have provided a selection of vegan pizzas using a dairy-free cheese alternative that anyone can enjoy. 


  • Experience: keen readers amongst you will also know that in our Sloane Square restaurants blog post, we highlighted some of the outstanding TripAdvisor reviews we received from previous diners at our restaurants. Some even commented that they would ‘definitely go back’ because ‘everyone was extremely helpful and smiley’. 


  • Location: our Chelsea restaurant on Cale Street is often referred to as our flagship store. However, we have since expanded into new premises adjacent to this area, including Notting Hill Gate, Portobello Rd and Haverstock Hill. Therefore, you can experience the same great-tasting menu at multiple locations across this side of the city. This gives you multiple options for finding a table with us on busier evenings and special occasions. You can also try the different interiors in one of our four locations. We take great pride in the decor of our restaurants, so it’s certainly worth visiting us in all our branches to decide which is your favourite place to join us for a Neopolitan pizza. 


  • Private dining option: finding a secluded spot to have dinner in the centre of this busy city can be challenging. Fortunately, Cinquecento Pizzeria has a private dining option. So you can arrange birthdays, corporate events, family gatherings and more in a secluded space in our restaurant and still order from the incredible Italian menu. Please send us an enquiry with as much notice as possible so we can arrange a time to host you in our private party area. 


  • But most importantly, the food: of course, the tasty Italian cuisine at our restaurant is the number one reason to visit us on your next dinner out. Have a browse through the menu on our website to see what food options we have, and get your friends excited about dining with us soon. 

Find Us in Chelsea

You can find our Chelsea restaurant at 1 Cale Street (SW3 3QT) during the hours of 12 pm to 10 pm every day of the week. 

To see the other branches, please view the full list of our restaurant locations on our website. Although you may be searching for Chelsea dining options, we also have locations just around the corner on Portobello Road, Notting Hill Gate and Haverstock Hill. 

Booking a Table at Cinquecento Pizzeria

As you may have seen on our website, the Chelsea branch of Cinquecento Pizzeria operates on a walk-in basis only. Therefore, please be prepared to wait for a table and arrive slightly earlier to avoid disappointment. 

If you wish to guarantee a table with us, you can book a table in one of the other brands just round the corner on Portobello Road, Notting Hill Gate and Haverstock Hill via our website.  

Chel‘see’ You Soon! 

Now you know where to eat in Chelsea to experience a bite of Italian heaven for lunch or dinner. We could list even more reasons why you should book a table with us at Cinquecento Pizzeria, including our family-friendly attitude to hosting and our gut-friendly pizza. However, it’s far better to pop down to one of our restaurants in Chelsea area to try the menu for yourself. 

Follow our Instagram @CinquecentoPizzeria to see a visual version of our delicious menu, and then try it for yourself the next time you dine in with us. We can’t wait to see you here soon!